Start a Fresh

Well often after a huge hurricane of problems and multiple solutions to regain all the energy lost in this process we often use a common phrase” let’s start a fresh”. What does it really mean and is that simple to start a fresh.¬†

Is it easy after the autumns to clean the fallen leaves or is it too effortless to dry up the land after a heavy rain. The consequences of hard hit storms even find difficult to resolve for peace. Just saying that everything is going to be okay will never make it, if one doesn’t tries to do it. Often we mislead that after effects of some actions can never heal the original wound what makes it healthy is time, because it is time which never judge and gives freedom to do what the heart says without the plan made by mind.

Starting a fresh is a statutory warning to the heart to be in limits for the next time so that the after consequences which seem harsh to handle do not occur. And any such activity which might have been possible to shatter should not have any prolonged effects on the logical thinking capacities of mind because then you’ll be out of league.

And sad to conclude but the  world desires for what the brain commands and not for what the heart pleads.